Better than a water softener in your battle

with hard water and limescale

10 Reasons Why You’ll Love WATERKING
  • 10 No Salt Waterking conditioners are the only electronic device of its kind that has been proven by independent laboratory tests to produce softer water without salt and without chemicals.
  • 9 No Maintenance: No moving means no maintenance
  • 8 No Wasted Backwash Water. – No salt or chemicals in your septic tank. No extra water usage to backwash resin.
  • 7 Easy Installation. -No pipes to cut. This tiny unit, takes up almost no space.
  • 6 Water remains drinkable. - No salt or chemicals added to the water
  • 5 Improves Skin and Hair. – 80% of psoriasis and eczema suffers experience an improvement after installing a Waterking unit
  • 4 Saves Energy. - Limescale reduces energy efficiency and the working life of your heating system. Just 1.6mm of scale can reduce heating efficiency by 12%.
  • 3 Appliances last longer: Hot water heaters and washing machines last longer, showers and taps are more powerful, and pipes won't clog with limescale
  • 2 Totally Portable:- Take the unit with you if you move. Great for recreational vehicles.
  • 1 Removes and Prevents Limescale. – WaterKing will even remove existing limescale buildup from your system.

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The fully computerised water conditioner for your hard water problems.
The revolutionary Water-King can save you money and costly repairs to your water system.

Are you a large house or a small hotel? If so, the Water-King 2 will suit your needs.

For larger hotels, nursing homes or light industrial use we have designed the Water-King 3 and Water-King 4 models.

Send off for your Water Hardness Tester Kit and see if you have a hard water problem...

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